Petrol One Premium Class Lubricants

Petrol one Heavy Duty Motor Oils are low emission and energy saving engine oils formulated according to the latest technology. Our oil is produced from the best quality synthetic base oils and special additives approved by major car manufacturers.


Formulation has taken into consideration for all conditions throughout the four seasons of the year and under severe loads or heavy-duty conditions and also ability to protect engine



No compromise on quality

We incorporate the best methodologies to produce lubricants which define excellence. Our focus is to constantly improve on forever changing values of viscosities by researching the limitless possibilities of oil production and incorporating that knowledge into our products.



Build for performance

Petrol-One Lubricants are produced to give optimum performance along with protection for engine parts increasing engine life and good value for money with long drain intervals and keeps engine clean from sludge and corrosion.




build with



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